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Scr888 Hack - Scam That May Still Be In Effect Today

Scr888 Hack is a scam that uses your personal information for one purpose only and that is to trick you into believing you have won the lottery. This is a real scam, which actually do take advantage of people who have the “hype” for a live22 free credit score. To this day this scam has not been completely solved as the Scr888 website continues to use people’s information to make profit from their misfortune. Scr888 hack works by obtaining your email address, then directing you to a website that will request you to enter your username and password 


Scr888’s identity theft protection uses this information to hack into the sites and use that information to get your credit report. Once they have that information they will send you a series of letters or emails threatening you with bankruptcy and other legal problems so try Suncity , Rollex Casino to get rid of these problems. The thing is, the letters are really nothing more than a big bluff that is designed to try and convince you to give them your personal information so they can gain access to your credit. Once you enter your information, it will be transferred from one place to another and then used to obtain information that will make the scammer richer than you are.

This scam was very popular in the mid 90’s, as there were many instances of this scam used. Many people just ignore these letters or write them off as junk mail. It only takes a few minutes for you to think that the scam will not happen to you. If you wait too long though, you may find yourself suddenly receiving threatening letters. You may even find yourself seeing legal action. It is important to note that Scr888 Hack is still active and continues to steal personal information for their own profit.